Google My Business

Google my business is an important part of the seo strategy for local business and professionals. Google my business was previously known as Google places and will show users businesses and professions with the search locality.

The local business listings are a focal point for searchers and have are trusted to deliver what people are searching for, hence these listings are very likely to get clicks from potential customers.

Google my business integrates with Google maps to create a business listing showing name, address, phone number and website with a map marking the position of the business.


The Google my business and maps listing differs from the organic search and is there purely for local business and professionals. Appearing at the top of Google maps involves a different strategy to placing a website at the top of the organic search and for most local business having both website and map listing at the top is the goal.

Having a website at the top of the organic rankings does not necessarily mean the business will appear at the top of the local maps.

This local business strategy would be beneficial to take advantage of. With your business name, phone number and address on show it would be difficult for customers to not find you.

The organic search still gets the most views but appearing on the maps is a great double edge approach to getting customers.

The Google my business listing is really what has taken over from the phonebook for people searching for local business. The majority of us have fast access to the internet either through laptops, tablets and smart phones and turning to one of these devices to search is more convenient for most people when compared to picking up the phonebook.

Insidiouseo can deliver both organic and local map seo strategies for your business or profession.

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