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The majority of people searching for local businesses and professionals will now use Google with the Yellow pages falling further and further behind. If your business is still relying on directories such as Yellow pages then you are falling behind your competitors. If your website is not appearing in the Top 3/4 of Google for search terms used to find your business then you are losing potential customers/ clients to your competitors.


Would it not be great to have those people searching for your service to find your website? Many of those visitors will then use your service.

How many extra clients can you afford to miss out on? Let me show how you can find out.

Step 1. Go to Google keyword planner –

Step 2. Sign in to your Google account or create one and skip the guided set up.

Step 3. Go to Tools then Keyword Planner.

Step 4. Click on search for new keyword using a phrase, website or category.

Step 5. Ensure you have selected your country and in product or service type in what you would use to search for the service you offer. For example, New York Personal Injury Lawyer, scroll down and click Get Ideas.

Step 6. Under the graph, click Keyword Ideas.

Step 7. In the example above, there are around 540 searches every month for that term. For a term such as Chicago Dentist there are around 720 searches made by people every month.

If you look at the keyword planner, you will see there will be other similar search phrases used by people trying to find your service. The most searched term would be your main keyword and the other terms your secondary keywords.

If you add up the search volumes for all these similar terms you will start to get an idea about the amount of people searching for you but finding your competitors because you are not infront of them in the top search positions.

Can you afford to miss out on all this new revenue? As an example, if all of the search phrases being used by people to try to find you add up to 300. The website in first position will get around 40% – 50% of the users, the second place will get 15% – 20% and it diminishes from there. Page 2 onwards would get hardly any viewers so if you are there, your website is not being used to its full potential.

If you were in first position, of those 300 searches you would be receiving around 120 – 150 visitors each month. Conversion will vary from niche to niche but those visitors will be specifically searching for your business or profession so a good number will call, email, visit or purchase from you. If you already know your average profit per customer then you can see the revenue a top search engine position can bring.


You may ask yourself why don’t I try the paid adverts? Of those people searching for your service around 85% will click on the organic search the results so the paid advertising spots do not get anywhere near the traffic and organic spot would get.

Are you hungry for those top positions that will bring all that extra revenue? Then it is time to hire a professional to position your website in a place where you get a share of the revenue you deserve.

As a website owner you are most probably aware of SEO and no doubt have received many emails offering services to promote your website so that it appears at the top of Google.

Can you trust these offers with your money and do you think they can deliver?

The answer is probably no. So why trust us?

Our service is not cheap, it does not involve simply buying links and sending crap to your website to try and manipulate it to a higher position.

We do not have a cookie cutter approach to SEO. Every website is different and the strategy will be tailor made for your site.

We can provide references to contact. We do not splash them all over our site because we believe in client confidentiality but will show you sites and where they are positioned right now.

We do not have a continuous monthly contract that never ends. We will give you a price and a time scale. Google has slowed down serp movements and this in turn makes the process longer but generally it will be in 8 – 12 month time frame, although, depending on keywords can be shorter or longer.

To get started requires 10% of the quote, we then stagger the rest of the payments so you can see progress and are happy.

At the end of the process we will advise on best methods to keep your site healthy.

If you have tried more traditional marketing methods such as Yellow pages and are disillusioned by the lack of new clients/ customers it brings, then its time to put your marketing budget to better use.

Contact us today to get your seo started.